A day at Nursery

It would be hard to tell you every detail of your childs day as they explore so much, and every day is different. But here are some things you can expect:


Upon arrival you will always be greeted with a smile at our bright yellow door. Your child will be greeted by their keyworker or someone they know very well and be able to ask any questions and receive information on your child and how they are.

Your child will then venture into their nursery room, being greeted by their friends and teachers, and have their breakfast. Breakfast is served until 9am, but if you arrive later than that, do not worry, we will still give them breakfast to help them settle and ease them into their day.


Each indoor area of the nursery has been carefully planned and assembled with high quality resources to meet and enhance the needs of our children. Staff plan exciting, enriching and stimulating activities that pinpoint the children’s interest, so all children learn and have fun every day.

Your child will have time for outdoor play in the morning and afternoon. They will be able to explore and take risks with support and care from the Yellow Star team. Outdoor play allows children to develop their physical gross motor skills and benefit from healthy fresh air. We have dedicated areas in our outdoor space that children can still sit down to colour, read or play with fine motor activities. Our outdoor space allows children to naturally explore and show curiosity into the world around them. We go on lots of local walks and enjoy exploring our local places such as; the local train station, the lovely big parks, the library, the fire station, the church, the river and many more places.


Mealtimes are a great opportunity for us to introduce new foods and textures to your child. We will support and guide your children from weaning to whole foods and the loveliness that’s in-between. All our meals are freshly prepared and cooked on site and we take pride in our grade five food hygiene rating every year. We make sure that mealtimes are a sociable time and children enjoy their food. Snack times are a healthy balance of fruit or vegetables with a carbohydrate food item. We make sure our meals are varied and inviting so the children look forward to mealtimes at nursery.

We also incorporate baking, food prep and knife cutting into our planning, so the children have the chance to explore foods in a playful way and learn cutlery skills.

Lunch is served at 11.30am for babies and toddlers, and 12pm for Preschool. Tea is served at 4pm for everyone.

Nap times

Sleep is such an important part of a young child’s day and is an essential developmental need for all. We have a dedicated sleep room, with several cots in and provide fresh linen and sleep bags every day for our babies. After lunchtime, our baby room is transformed into a cosy, darkened, snuggly room so children above the age of two can sleep peacefully on a mattress with their home comforts. We work together with families to understand your child’s sleep routine and what nap times work best for the child so they’re happy and have plenty of energy to thrive in our care.

Open communication

Yellow Star takes pride in the fantastic relationships we have with our families and our open door policy. We will always provide you, as a family, with a listening ear and a non-judgemental approach so you feel confident and comfortable talking to us. You’re welcome to email, call or communicate on Tapestry if you have any queries or want to know how your child is throughout the day.

We post lots of photos and detailed observations when your child first settles with us to make sure you feel a part of their day. We really like to ensure you never miss out on those new experiences, and developmental milestones throughout their years.